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Extremely Dry/Cracked Skin

My almost 6 month old daughter has extremely dry skin. I just noticed today that the skin in the folds on the back of her legs is cracked. I don't give her a bath, that's my husband's job so I should make sure he is rinsing her real well there. But does anyone have any suggestions for good lotion/cream to use for such dry skin? One of my twins (age 2) has extremely dry skin too. I had started to put baby oil on it but they both broke out in a rash so I went back to Johnson's lotion. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!


Dry Skin with Rash

My 3 month old son has a very mild case of cradle cap and a very bad case of...


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What Is Your Favorite Product to Help Acne?

My hormones seem to be changing and I keep breaking out around my mouth and chin. What are your favorite products to clear up acne or prevent it all together? I do use Origins face wash and moisturizer daily.

Eczema & Psoriasis

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What Can I Do About Excema?

I think I have excema on my hand between my fingers. It is a red bumpy rash and is itchy. It started between my last two fingers and is also between the last three fingers. Should I see a dermotologist? Or is there something over the counter I can use? I am 22 weeks pregnant but I wouldn't think cream for excema would hurt.????


Trouble with Eczema

Hi Moms, I was wondering what kind of lotion to use for my 3 year old with...


Psoriasis or Eczema

I have these patches of dry skin on my ankles. It's either Psoriasis or...

Moles, Growths & Cancer

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Toddler's Sensative Skin

Can a toddler be sensitive to perfumy products such as fabric softner? My 29 month old has broken out on her legs on the back upper thigh area and now I just spotted some red spots higher up on her front thigh near the croch area and one on her stomach and a very small spot on her back. My husband also mentioned that I had just recently went to liquid Tide from powder Tide. We first thought that she was allergic to the material on the portable plastic potty seats that you sit in the regular toilet. If she is allergic to a certain type of...


Gluten Free Products

I am looking to find some great tasting gluten free products. I recently...


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Help with Plantar Wart Removal

My 7-year-old daughter has a couple of plantar warts on her feet. We used Compound-W and the at-home freeze stuff for a while. We have even been to the doctor to have them freeze them off. We have been using Compound-W between appointments and nothing seems to work. I think our next step is going to the podiatrist to have them surgically removed. I really don't want her to go through that painful procedure. I have bleached all of her sandals and croc shoes. I make sure she always wears socks with her tennis shoes. Does anyone have...