Skin: Lands End

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Seeking Softest Toddler Boy Underwear for Sensitive Skin

I've bought lots of different kinds and there always seems to be something about each one which irritates my toddler's sensitive skin. It's usually found in the seems. I've removed the tags and all the stitches associated with the tags. He still will have accidents so we can't go "commando" yet but may have to go that route. ..

Moles, Growths & Cancer

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Thoughts on 50 SPF Swim Swimsuits with Long Sleeve/pants

Has anyone tried those swimsuits that have long sleeves and pants with 50 SPF? My daughter is 18 months and has very fair skin so I thought I might give it a try this summer. My biggest concern is do these swimsuits get too hot because there is so much fabric, or too cold since once they are wet there is a lot more wet fabric against the skin. Thanks for your thoughts.


"Watching" a Mole

As you know, I have a lot of health anxiety.. I had my 6 month skin check ...

Sun Damage

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Good Bathing Suit for Toddler

My kids swim A LOT. I usually buy Lands End suits,but this year's selection sucks for toddlers. I bought one of their suits, but she is fighting me about wearing it. She is use to a rash guard type top, and this has a cross over back. I use to love their tankinis for girls with rash guard tops, but they don't really have any this year that aren't cross overs. I prefer rash guards so I don't have as much skin exposed to the sun. Toddlers also like them because they feel like a shirt and aren't tight. Where do you buy a quality suit, one...