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Soap/Shampoo Recommendations for Infant W/ Eczema

K.H. asks from Washington DC

My 4 month old daughter is dealing with eczema. It seems to be brought on by the colder weather and changes in humidity. (We've been using a humidifier in her room t...


Odd Toddler Behaviors

L.S. asks from Detroit

My 27 month old son will grab his neck at times. Not to inflict pain but to soothe himself (I hope) He pushes his two index fingers together on a roll of skin on hi...


5Year Old Keeps Waking up at Night with Excuses to Have Me Come into His Room.

K.F. asks from Seattle

I am looking for any advise on how stop my son from waking me up in the middle of the night. After we got home from our vacation a month ago my son has been waking u...


Wondering If Son Is Allergic:(

N.F. asks from Grand Rapids

My son is 15 months old and since he was born I have been going back and forth between Huggies diapers and Pampers. Really what ever is on sale and if neither I woul...


He Wont "Cry It Out"

K.R. asks from Sacramento

Our daily night time routing is give our baby a bath, read a book, nurse him till he sleeps, and lay him in the co-sleeper next to our bed. This usually works until ...


What Was Your "Push" Present?

M.P. asks from Chicago

I know it's not standard with everyone but it seems to be becoming more popular for the father of the baby to present a "push" present to the mother of the baby for a...


Deal with Small Eczema Patch on Face

M.I. asks from Norfolk

Hi Ladies, My 7 month old son has a small patch of eczema on his left cheek that won't go away. I called it his drool patch but he really doesn't drool on it anymor...



J.J. asks from Orlando

I believe my 3 month old daughter may be beginning to teethe. She's drooling a heck of a lot, and gnawing on her fists day and night like it's going outta style. At a...



A.C. asks from Dayton

Hello! I am looking for a good doll to buy for my daughter. She is almost 2 and, to my dismay, received a Disney Ariel doll for Christmas. My daughter LOVES the doll,...



R.P. asks from Seattle

My daughter is 7 months old and numerous people have asked what her lovey is. Well she doesn't have one. My hubby is a stay at home dad she doesn't go to anyone hou...