Skin: Infant, Lotrimin

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Baby Skin Concern

I have a 14 week old son who's a bit of a chunker. He's got those adorable deep chub creases in unusual places like the middle of his thigh, etc. The problem is that pretty much daily he develops a certain stink along his neck, in his elbow crease, behind his knee and in said thigh crease. Those areas are usually red and irritated, sometimes so much so that they crack or ooze a little(thus the stink I guess). I've been gently washing them with either just water or a little baby wash (Aveno) then making sure to dry them as well as I can,...


Redness in Skin Folds

Our 2-month-old's neck has multiple skin folds (actually, it looks like it's...


Dry Skin or Allergy?

Hi Ladies, My 2 month old son has developed some dry skin all over his face...