Skin Problems

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"Mature" Skin and Mineral Makeup?

S.W. asks from Green Bay

I am 42 years old and so have a few wrinkles starting here and there. I also have some scarring due to acne as a youth. I read many wonderful things about mineral m...


Facial Skin Care

S.K. asks from Birmingham

Past 4 years I haven't had enough time to take care of my body/skin ... but recently I am motivated to fix that ... there are so many facial skin care products in the...


Oil Can Skin--Ugh!!

M.L. asks from Washington DC

Please help me! I'm turning 40 soon and I'm still getting acne. It's gross and embarrassing. And it seems as I get older my skin is getting oilier. Are my hormones do...


Jewelry Changing Skin Color

K.H. asks from Chicago

I have heard that some jewelry, depending on what it is made of, will sometimes temporarily change the color of the skin it touches (metal reacting with skin). I have...


Self Tanner for Sensitive Skin?

A.C. asks from Muncie

I am proud to say my "baking in the sun" days are over, but now I am looking for a self tanner for sensitive skin! When I use self tanner, my thighs break out with l...


Cracked and Peeling Skin on Feet

M.C. asks from Detroit

A friend of mine came over this evening and while we were chilling, she asked me what to do about the skin on her feet. The skin is cracked and she is peeling it off...


Pull up That Does Not Irritate Skin

M.M. asks from Pittsburgh

I've tried all commercial brands, you name it i've tried it, if you know of one that does not irriate a very sensitive skin like my son's pls let me know, thanks moms!


Cracking Skin Behind Ears

J.M. asks from Chattanooga

The skin behind my DD's ears has always been a problem area... Usually, just wiping it nightly to remove the dead skin has worked to keep it under control, but in the...


Advice on Skin Products for Tween

C.Z. asks from Peoria

My 11 years old daughter has started getting a few pimples on her face. Mostly in the T zone. Every night and morning she washes with a gentle face wash. I dont know ...


How to Get Fingernail Polish off of Skin...

S. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know what I can use to safely remove children's fingernail polish off of my 5 year olds skin? Last night she painted both legs from her knees right down t...