Skin Problems

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Good Wrinkle Cream for Oily Skin

C.G. asks from Dallas

Howdy! Okay i need a good wrinkle cream, i dont have wrinkles yet but.... I do see where some are starting to surface though. I have very oily achne prone skin an...


7-Yr-old Son Skin Peeling off All Fingers?

C.D. asks from Honolulu

All the skin on my 7-yr-old son's fingers is peeling off. It starts as a spot and then slowly these huge pieces of skin start to come off. Underneath is new, pink ski...


Effective Ways to Wash Sunscreen off Toddler's Skin

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

Soap (Dove sensitive) did not work -- I can still smell the sunscreen on my daughter. She has sensitive skin and gets eczema flare-ups on her legs. Is there somethi...


Has Anyone Tried Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty Skin Care?

S.G. asks from Saginaw

I'm thinking of trying Meaningful Beauty, which is a skin care system that Cindy Crawford promotes. I've heard mixed reviews on it and was wondering if any of you ha...


Pre-teen Skin Care

R.M. asks from Sacramento

I have a friend whose 10 year daughter is starting to break out, primarily on her forehead. I am mentioning that she is African-American because I know there are diff...


Odd Skin Welts for a Couple of Months - Allergy?

P. asks from Dallas

My 3 year old daughter gets odd bumps that look like mosquito bites and disappear within 20 minutes or so, only to reappear elsewhere and then disappear. If she has a...


Saggy Belly Skin That Hangs? Do Lotions Help?

C.G. asks from San Francisco

I need help!! It is swim time and 2 years latter, my skin on belly looks all saggy and dimply. It doesn't stick out, it sags. Has anyone tried the lotions or anyth...


Daughters Skin, Bug Bite or Something Else??

G.K. asks from Kalamazoo

Hi everyone! I need some help! My two year old daughter has 4 bites or the start of some skin issue on her scalp and around her hairline. I found one when I saw a dro...


Looking for a Dermatologist for Myself and My Son for Skin Cancer?

G.M. asks from Chicago

My son has a dark brown mole on his hand that seems to have cropped up from nowhere. I do not remeber him having this before. He has had it for a few months, and I fe...


Mosquito Problem

M.M. asks from Kansas City

Hello mamas! I have been waking up with bites almost daily for over a week now and I am tired of it! The mosquitos seem to follow me everywhere! I find them in the h...