Skin Problems

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Acne Problem in Arms/ Upper Legs - What Can I Do?

K.B. asks from San Francisco

I have an acne/ skin problem mostly on my upper arms (between my elbow and armpit), my skin seems pretty dried and bumpy. It is acne but dry. I have noticed that in t...


Skin Issues

T.H. asks from Omaha

Question ladies: Why would my back itch all the time? I'm not sunburn, no rash, it just itches and won't go away? Any ideas?


Skin Still Breaking Out in My 30'S. Help

L.K. asks from Austin

I am almost 33 years old and my skin continues to break out. I have tried just about everything and nothing seems to work well. I remember 20 years ago my face breaki...


Skin Care

A.J. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone have any good products or advice for taking care of my face? I am constantly battling blocked pores on my chin and nose. Mostly whiteheads (not to sound...


Help with Skin Problems, Need to Look Pretty Again!

P.R. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies! I know you will be able to help me. In the last 8 months my face skin is acting so weird! I now have an "acne" kind of problem going on my face (never had ...


Skin Problems

L.F. asks from Charleston

My grandaughter has dealt with skins lsions on her legs for over three years, some times infection incurs because she says she cannot stop scractching , i have done e...


Dry Skin

A.B. asks from Dallas

Okay, I am at my wits end. Every winter, I get extremly dry hands. I have used several different over the counter products but nothing seems to help. Does anyone h...


12 Yr Old with Skin Problems

A.R. asks from Pittsburgh

My son is almost 13 yrs old. He has tiny little pimples all over his forehead and nose. They are not large pimples like acne, but tiny little bumps. Sometimes they...


Skin Cancer?!

D.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Moms!! I had a unusual growth removed from my shoulder today that the derm thought could be a basal cell carcinoma!!! I am terrified and can not believe I have to...


Skin Reaction to Peanut & Cashew Butter

N.H. asks from Chicago

Hi, When my son was 9 months old he touched some peanut butter that we were giving to the dogs and his skin broke out in a red rash with welts. We have never given...