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Natural Skin Care Products -Local?

H.B. asks from Minneapolis

Looking for a Natural Skin care line that actual works and that has NO PARABENS in it or any other ickies in it- Is there anything out there locally that people like ...


Black Hair Care

B.T. asks from Atlanta

Im new to ga, in 40 yrs old and hae been wearing weaves for about 10yrs when i lived up north. Its easy to find someone to put the weave in but i cant find anyone tha...


Bath Time

J.L. asks from Richmond

I am a mom to a wonderful 11 month old daughter named Jenna. It's a struggle to try to give her a bath. She has NEVER liked bath time. My husband and I have done ever...


Biracial Hair Care

D.A. asks from Houston

I am white, my husband is black, and our daughter has hair with tight curls. We had been keeping it cut, because my husband likes her to wash her hair every day, but ...


WEN Hair Care Products

S.T. asks from St. Louis

O>K> has anyone used this and how is it? I do believe that shampooing everday is not good for your hair, I do mine about every 3 days now and just condition on the ot...


Bath Time

B.P. asks from New York

My son is 19 months and has only recently begun hating his bath! As it's summer, I am bathing him nightly, and as soon as he hears the bath running in the tub, he sta...


Bath Time??

J.G. asks from Salt Lake City

I've had my son on a really good bedtime routine and everything has been going great until recently. Our routine is usually a little play time, then a bath, get into...


Bath Time

J.J. asks from Minneapolis

Help my son is 2 years old and will not take a bath without a parent in the tub. We have tried the bath tub seat and small blow up tub. He will cry and not sit down i...


Bath Time

B.L. asks from Austin

My 14 month old granddaughter who loved her bath time, could hardly get her out, has become extremely afraid of her bath. My daughter in law was giving her her bath ...


Bath Seats

A.M. asks from Tampa

I am looking to buy a bath seat for my 10 month old. The only one I have been able to find is at Babies R Us and the reviews that other Mom's have written are very p...