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Skin Changed Overnight! - Dry (Aging) Skin Care

S.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas! I'm 42 (soon to be 43) and my facial skin has changed virtually overnight. I've always had oily acne prone skin, but within the past week, and I'm not exagg...


Obagi Skin Care Products

L.K. asks from San Francisco

I'm on the hunt for a good skin care line. Has anyone used Obagi products? If so, which ones and what do you like about them? Thanks!


Grooming in Howard Coutny/Anne Arundel Area?

C.C. asks from Washington DC

Hi moms! I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about a reasonably priced dog groomer in Howard County or Anne Arundel County, MD. We've got a hairy, dirty labrado...


My Dog Needs Major Grooming! Where to Take Her?

B.C. asks from Dallas

I have a golden retriever who is 11 years old. Her fur has always been beautiful but since we moved to our new house, she's looking terrible! She rolls in the mulch, ...


Dog Grooming and Boarding near Leawood/Overland Park

K.N. asks from Kansas City

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a place to take our dog to be groomed and for boarding (every once-in-awhile)? I think that the place that we currently tak...


Is There Such a Thing as a "Skin Care Consultant?"

M.N. asks from Los Angeles

I'm turning 40 this year and like most women in this age group i am seeing signs of aging on my skin. I have had the same skin care routine for at least a decade and...


Skin Care Professional

J.S. asks from Sacramento

Hello, I have light acne scarring on my face and would like to try professional microdermabrasion. My problem is that I do not know where to go. I called several...


Ladies Gimme Your Best Skin Care Advice for Sun Damaged Skin (Face and Neck)

C.J. asks from Dallas

Hi again, I'm 37 yo and I have a naturally tanned skin. 10 years ago my facial skin was flawless, no moles , marks or sun damage of any kind; between the TX sun and m...


Skin Care During Pregnancy

J.R. asks from Los Angeles

Is rubbing alcohol safe to use during pregnancy?


Skin Care Products

H.H. asks from Louisville

hello all, my sister and i were wondering at what age should we start using skin products for wrinkles and such... and what products are best per your opinion. I am 2...