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Bath Time Troubles

V.K. asks from Sacramento

My daughter is almost 15 months old and hates taking a bath. I have changed her bathing routine several times to try to make her enjoy it more. This started many mo...


2 Year Old and Bath Time

M.R. asks from Atlanta

How do you make bath time fun again for a 2 year old who screams every time we bathe? He used to love bath time and decided one day that he didn't care about being cl...


18 Month-old Suddently Scared of Taking a Bath

T.C. asks from Omaha

My son has recently started acting up during bath time. In the past, we've used bath time as play time. He used to lay on his tummy and put his face in the water, a...



A.B. asks from Knoxville

Is my five year old daughter to old to take a bath with her one year old brother. they have been taking a bath together since he was 6 months old. She knows the diffe...



A.K. asks from Atlanta

Hi, My son is almost 6 months old. He just hates getting a bath. My husband and I put it off because he cries as soon as we put him in the infant tub. Any suggessti...


Suggestions for Plane Trip

L.F. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas, I'm taking a trip to Atlanta in June with my 23 month old and I am needing suggestions on what to bring with us to do on the plane. I am bringing the ca...


IPAD App Recommendations

A.K. asks from Los Angeles

Just got an IPAD for the kids and I'm overwhelmed with all the options of what to put on it. Does anyone have any good suggestions for educational apps for the Presch...


I'm So Boring!

N.O. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I feel like I'm missing my creative activity side as a mom. I see and hear so many other moms coming up with fun and crafty ways to keep their kids busy a...


Finger Nail Cutting.

K.M. asks from Lafayette

Does anyone have a better way to cut finger nails? My 16 month old has a fit when I cut her nails.


Toy Ideas for 1 Year Old Who Doesn't like "Toys"

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

My little guy turns 1 in a couple of weeks and I'm racking my brain on what to get him. Thanks to his older brother, we have a house full of toys, but what my little ...