Skin, Hair & Bath Care: Preschooler

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4 Year Old Son Having Behavior Problems

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me out with my 4 year old son. While picking him up from daycare last week, the teacher told me that he is having behavioral problems. I also found out that he has still been in the 3 yr old room. He is not listening at all, he does not seem to understand that there are consequences for his actions, either good or bad. She suggested that I atake him to the pediatrician, which I am doing this Wednesday. I am just scared the doctor will try to put him on medication, which I really don't want. They...

First Haircut

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First Haircut--Where Did You Go & Where's the Best?

My son just turned one, and needs his first haircut. I don't want to take him just anywhere, as he is very wiggly & I'm not sure how he'll do sitting still for a haircut. Where did you take your little one for their first haircut? I'm looking for a great kid's place...I'm located in Apopka, but willing to travel a bit for this (downtown Orlando, for example). I've heard Harmony Barber at Magic Kingdom is GREAT, but I'm not really willing to pay entrance to the park, just for a haircut. TIA for all your help!!