Skin, Hair & Bath Care: Infant

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Skin Care Line Recommendations Needed

Hi- I am 33 years old and have quite a bit of sun damage and am starting to feel the effects of aging :-( I have fairly oily skin and I break-out on occasion. I am looking for a new professional line of skin care. I don't mind spending money if it is worth it. I have used non-professional lines like Proactive, Mary Kay, Benefit, Mac, Clinque and I am looking for something I can stick with that is very high quality. I need a facial cleanser, exfoliater, moisturizer, and foundation (maybe another brand for the foundation). Thanks for...


Infant Skin Care

My 11 wk old son has x link ichthyosis that requires him to be lotioned from...


Pre-teen Skin Care

I have a friend whose 10 year daughter is starting to break out, primarily...

First Haircut

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Baby's First Haircut?

Just curious - when did you get your baby's haircut for the first time?


Son's First Haircut

Hi moms! It's time for my little guy to get a haircut. The question is do...