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Skin Care

A.J. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone have any good products or advice for taking care of my face? I am constantly battling blocked pores on my chin and nose. Mostly whiteheads (not to sound...


Skin Care Problems for Mom

D.S. asks from Asheville

Before I had my daughter I had great skin that needed very little work done to it. Now that I've had her I swear the total chemistry of my skin has changed! I'm hav...


Opinions Re. Skincare

P.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms - what is your experience with Alba Botanica skincare? I've used BeautiControl, MaryKay, and have heard good things about Alba, but don't know how they compar...


Skincare for Almost 40-Year-old

N.M. asks from Dallas

I'm almost 39, and I honestly never worried about wrinkles until recently, but now suddenly I'm feeling like I need ...something. I only see a few tiny wrinkles, but...


Need Good Skincare Products...

N.L. asks from Omaha

I am looking for some suggestions on a good skincare line that is inexpensive. This weather is drying out my skin horribly! I was using bioelements skincare sold onl...


Obagi Skin Care Products

L.K. asks from San Francisco

I'm on the hunt for a good skin care line. Has anyone used Obagi products? If so, which ones and what do you like about them? Thanks!


Skin Care for Back and shoulders....ew

M.B. asks from San Francisco

So at the ripe old age of 28 (shudder) it seems my body and skin are going through a second puberty phase and while the skin on my face has cleared up and I have sett...


Any Advice on Skincare for an 8 Year Old?

N.K. asks from Cleveland

I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter and wondering if anyone out there has skincare advice, she does occasionally get a blemish or two but I am not sure if it is to...


Facial Skin Care

S.K. asks from Birmingham

Past 4 years I haven't had enough time to take care of my body/skin ... but recently I am motivated to fix that ... there are so many facial skin care products in the...