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How to Care for Very Active Toddler When Ill?

Due to a severe chronic illness, I struggle taking care of all my 3 year old daughter's daily needs. My husband works 12-14 hour days so during this time, it all falls on me. Many days I'm too weak to barely make it out of bed. We have child-proofed our house to the max so she stays safe throughout the day, but she has to watch channel 2 all day since I'm in bed most of the time. We can't afford day-care since I am unable to work and all grandparents are elderly and unable to help out. We already have to rely on others for housekeeping...



I need some support here! Does your child say words like, "I hate you!," ...


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How to Stop 4 Yr Old Son from Picking His Fingers Till They Bleed....?

I'm not sure why he does it but when he gets a hang nail, he Picks at it till it bleeds. And it doesn't just stop at the hangnail, he picks the skin all around his nail even around to the back of his thumbs. I thought I was bad since i bite my nails and hangnails but this is really bad. He does it with all of his fingers but mostly his thumbs, they get so sore. He's constantly asking for bandaids but he ends up picking it off and starts again! PLEASE any suggestions will help, I have no clue what to do. Thank you!


A Mom Needing Help !

I just got my son back through court he is 3yrs old . I am having issuses...