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Any Advice on Skincare for an 8 Year Old?

I have a beautiful 8 year old daughter and wondering if anyone out there has skincare advice, she does occasionally get a blemish or two but I am not sure if it is too early to start her on some kind of skin routine, any thoughts?


6 Year Old Allowance

My daughter is almost 6 years old. She has no concept of money. She thinks...


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8 Year Old with Breakouts.

My 8 year old is starting to have, what looks like acne breakouts. This just seems so young to me. Hygiene is not an issue, we make sure she washes her hair everyday and cleanses her face in the morning and evening. Any suggestions on products to use to help clear up her breakouts.


Skin Problems

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9 Year Old Daughter Maturing Too Soon

I have a beautiful 9 year old daughter maturing quickly. No, she has not started her period, but she is developing in all the other areas. Her pediatrician says it is "normal", but I am don't agree. I am looking for a endocrinologist (pediatric), but until I get in to see a doctor, I wanted to know what other moms are experiencing with your young daughters maturing.


Bedwetting 7 Year Old

My 7 year old is still wetting herself at night. I have read all the things...