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Is Pre-school Really Necessary?

M.L. asks from Los Angeles

My 4 year old has NEVER liked going to pre-school. It's been 2 years now, and we've moved, so he's been to 2 different schools. He has an OK time while he's there,...


Picking up Bad Language at Pre-school

L.F. asks from Norfolk

My soon to be 4 yo son is picking up some pretty nasty words at pre-school. Of course we've told him that's not nice and don't say them and I don't want to make a bi...


Pre School scholarships?????My Son Is 4 and Missing Out Cause We Can't Afford.

J.C. asks from Los Angeles

I've been searching the internet and I haven't had any luck in finding anything.... I live in OC California. I need to figure it out and I'm very frustrated....My lit...


Looking for a Good Pre-school in Fort Wayne, IN.

K. asks from Fort Wayne

I am looking for a good pre-school in the Fort Wayne, IN area. My daughter just turned 4 and I want to sign her up for pre-school in the fall. I just don't know whe...


Is Pre-school 3 Really That Important?

C.P. asks from Dallas

I'm a stay at home mom with a 3 year old boy and a six month old baby girl. I always planned on sending my kids to a 2 day a week program (that's what he's in now), ...


CPS Pre-school Enrollment??

V.S. asks from Chicago

Hello Everyone, I am currently in the process of enrolling my 2 1/2 yr old for CPS Pre-school for all for the 2009-2010 school year. I hear from a lot of people it...


What Age Pre-school? 2, 2 1/2, 3??????

J.R. asks from Miami

Dear Mommas, I have tentatively signed up my LO for morning pre-school at age 2. I am still not 100% sure. I am going back to teach at a local college -- but just on...


Montessori Pre-School Will You Send Them to K There?

M.S. asks from Kansas City

I am just curious on how many parents send their kids to a Montessori Pre-school and will continue sending them for Kindergarten instead of public school. Do you thi...


Good Pre-School for an ACTIVE Boy in the South Bay

S.Y. asks from Los Angeles

Does anyone have a very active boy who goes to a great pre-school? The first class that my 3.5 year old son went to was almost all girls and in retrospect I can see ...



R.B. asks from Phoenix

What do you think of Headstart? Pros and Cons.