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Is Preschool Really Worth It?

C.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone, I am thinking about putting my 4 year old son in preschool since he starts school next year. He knows his numbers, colors and his ABC's already. So ...


Looking for a Preschool for 3Yo in Surprise Area

K.R. asks from Phoenix

I have a 3yo ds that will not 4 until Xmas time. I am looking for a good, affordable preschool in the Surprise area that takes 3yo. He is almost completely daytime po...


Don't Know What to Do with My Baby Going to School with Allergies to Egg&peanuts

O.S. asks from Sacramento

I'm frustrated and not sure what to do! My daughter had her 1st day of preschool and her teacher allows any snacks regardless of my daughter's allergies to egg & pea...


Looking for School Lunch Ideas --Healthy--organic--low Prep Time

M.O. asks from Modesto

Hi everyone. In Aug. my three sons will be going to Junior High, Elementary and preschool. I will be making their lunches everyday and was looking to switch from pre...


When to Start Cough Medicine?

D.V. asks from San Francisco

So i have a 14 month old son. He woke up a few days ago sort of congested a bit of a runny nose (clear). No one has been around him sick (he is home with my Mom durin...


School Budget, Fundraisers and So Much WASTE!!!

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

This totally drives me crazy and I wonder if other schools do this too. This is half questions and half rant. I understand that schools need to do fundraiser occasi...


Gift for Neighbor Graduating from High School

M.E. asks from San Francisco

Our neighbor's daughter, who has also been our infrequent babysitter for the past 2 years, is graduating from High School. Her family gave us an invitation to the ma...


Need Help with Daughter Being Picked on and Beat up by a Boy at School

A.R. asks from San Francisco

My daughter is in the second grade and through out the year she has been picked on by a boy in her class. We had three times earlier in the year where she had come ho...


Under Pressure

N.P. asks from San Francisco

My husband lost his job about two weeks ago and the shell shock is just about wearing off. He's applied for unemployment and those funds will keep the mortgage note p...


My 2Nd Grader Learning About Sex/inappropriate Talk from Classmate

Z.W. asks from Sacramento

My daughter is in 2nd grade and 8 yrs old. Ever since 1st grade actually, there always seems to be a group of kids in her class that are always talking about inapprop...