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Thoughts on Hair color...and School...

A.B. asks from Springfield

I have always been "a little different", in a sense that I am not your regular "abercrombie and fitch" type of mom. I have an unusual style. When I was younger, I dy...


Need Suggestions for Preschool Boys Size 12 Gym Shoes

L.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, I have been buying Sketcher gym shoes (aka sneakers) as my 4 year old son's everyday shoes as I have liked that they have velcro straps instead of laces...


Clothing and Shoe Thoughts

D.L. asks from Columbus

Hi Moms! Clothing and shoe questions. With school starting back up soon, I was just curious as to what some of you feel are wardrobe staples for your grade-schooler...


What Age Do Boys Use Deodorant?

S.T. asks from Columbus

My son is almost 8 and very active, and at times I'll notice that he smells a little peculiar after he's been active. Especially under the armpits. He's tall and th...


My Toddler Won't Wear Shoes.

L.A. asks from Boston

My son is 17 months old and doesn't want to wear shoes. He doesn't mind socks but as soon as I put the shoes on he cries histerecly and won't stop no matter how long...


I Need Some Input from Other Moms...

A.J. asks from Dallas

Hey mamas, I am stuck on what to do and would like ya'lls opinion...I have a 12 year old daughter who is in 7th grade, she went to georgia this summer to see her fami...


When Did Your Child Care About What Other Kids Were Wearing?

F.W. asks from Cumberland

So this is kind of JFF and partially to get some perspective. My 3 year old had a meltdown had her first dance class because we did not bring a tutu and some of the ...


Anyone Have a Child That Needs Deorderant

C.B. asks from Detroit

My son is 6yrs old and my husband and I have just recently noticed that his underarms are getting stinky and it's not after he is running or playing or sweating. He t...


Have You Ever Been Completely Broke?

L.A. asks from Austin

The question about the husband having to share a hotel room with a couple, brought up memories of being completely broke. Broke meaning $5. to last 5 days until p...


Where Do You Get Your Toddler's Shoes?

J.P. asks from Chicago

I bought Stride Rite shoes when my toddler started walking but have since switched to less expensive shoes. The ones he has now are from Target and have been fine un...