Sitting Up

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Sitting on Her Own

P.K. asks from Kansas City

Hello.. My daughter is almost 7 months old and isn't sitting completely on her own yet. Is this a concern? She can sit with assistance but never puts herself into a...



J.L. asks from Cleveland

My son is 6 months old, can roll both ways, sleeps and eats great, but is not sitting at all. He flops to the side and rolls over and plays. We have put him in the ...


Sitting Up....

K.S. asks from Houston

So my son is almost a little over 7 months and he still can not sit up unsupported. He can lean on his hands and sit up for a limited amount of time but that's reall...


Should He Be Able to Sit Still for More than a Few Minutes?

I.O. asks from San Antonio

So, is it too much to expect my 26 mo. old to have a little self-control? I want to do quieter activities with him like story time at the library, and he will not eve...


Afraid I Wouldn't Be Able to Do It All.....

K.J. asks from New Orleans

I start school on Monday. Happy and nervous at the same time. I'm going for PCT(patient care Technician). I have to go 8am-2pm; Everyday(Monday thru Friday) My two gi...


Sitting on the Toilet

M.V. asks from Enid

My 7 yr old grandson will not sit on the seat to poop. He strips down to nothing, lifts the seat and hovers, sometimes for an hour, trying to poop. I feel sooooo bad ...


Infant Not Sitting Up

M.F. asks from Salinas

I have ten month old twins. My daughter just started sitting up with her legs forward on her own. Prior to this she sat with her legs tucked under her. Someone men...


Sitting at the Table

C.H. asks from Decatur

My 4 y.o. has a difficult time sitting at the table for dinner. I have tried buckling her in the booster seat, but she can unbuckle it. We have tried taking a long s...


Sitting in the Tub

K.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have a beautiful little girl almost 11 months and have been giving her baths in a little baby tub. She likes it but now she keeps trying to stand up. My only othe...


Sitting up and Crawling

M.B. asks from St. Louis

Hi Moms! My little man is getting so big! 5 months old already! But I dont remember when babies start to sit up on their own. He doesnt yet, not even close. If I...