Sinusitis or Congestion: Singulair

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Singulair Side Effects- YIKES!!

C.M. asks from Anchorage

My 3 year old daughter started taking Singulair about two weeks ago. In the last week, she has become very aggressive, an has zero patience, along with taking 2 hours...


Anyone's Child on Singulair Pkgs?

J.D. asks from Terre Haute

Hello..The doctor has prescribed Singulair for both of my girls because they constantly have a running nose every other week or so leading into ear infections... My o...


15 Month Old Prescribed Singulair for Allergies....

K.G. asks from Chicago

Hi... my 15th month old daughter was just diagnosed with allergies... the doc prescibed singulair for her and my husband read some side effects and does not want me t...


Any of Your Children on Singulair?

J.H. asks from Philadelphia

My son's pediatrician just put him on this drug for his "seasonal asthma." Are any of your children on this prescription? Any side effects? Any advice would be apprec...


Singulair for 8 Month Old with Allergies?

C.H. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter has had nose congestion for about 8 weeks. Within that time I've been to the dr with her 5 times! They said it was a cold, then it turned to an ear infec...


Allergy Medicine While BF

J.K. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Ladies! Is there anyone out there whom has breastfeed or is breastfeeding and is taking allergy medicine. I suffer horribly May/June and now that i have two ki...


Allergy Medicine - Child's Reaction

M.C. asks from Chicago

Hi mamas, Has anyone given their child zyrtec (sp?) and was there any reaction to it? My almost 4 year old just saw his peditrician and he said he has very mild s...


Allergy Medicine

G.R. asks from Dallas

hi!!! Does any of you moms know a good over the counter medicine for allergy or allergy and sinus ? thank you gracyy:)


5Yo Son Acts Crazy on Allergy/cold Medicine

A. asks from Washington DC

Hi Moms & Dads, (volume II) This is a plea for help. I have a 5yo son who is in kindergarten. He is getting in LOTS of trouble when he is taking allergy/cold medici...


Allergy Medicine for an Almost 4 Year Old?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

We are not a family that takes a lot of medicines, I can only remember a handful of times I have even given our son Motrin (I'm not a fan of tylenol.) We recently saw...