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What Is the Best Way to Teach Reading?

K.L. asks from Detroit

Hi I would like to start teaching my 5 year old daughter to read English. She is actually in a French only school full-time. I am thinking that I should be teach...


Needs Help with Reading

L.L. asks from Indianapolis

My son is in Kindergarten and doing well. He could use a little help with reading. What did you feel like you couldn't have lived without? Books, videos, games, etc.


My Son's Reading Level

B.D. asks from Augusta

So my son age 6 is in the first grade. He loves to read. In fact he wants books for christmas. Cant get any better than that..well actually it can he loves to learn h...


Teachers... How Is Your School Teaching Reading??

L.O. asks from Detroit

My daughter is in kindergarten.. and I have to say I am very unimpressed with the curriculum. When we went for meet the teacher night.. I had one question.. "how do ...


2Nd Grade Reading Homework

M.S. asks from Houston

Our 2nd grader is having a hard time with Langual Arts particularly with Reading. He is not interested in reading, even though we get him books he'd be interested in...


"Teach Your Baby to Read"...

S.M. asks from El Paso

Has anyone tried those programs to "teach your baby to read?" If so, what was it called and how did you feel about it? Do you think it works? I always see the commerc...


Poor Reading Fluency (Slow)

K.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter is in 2nd grade and was tested on the TRPI as being slow/low in the area of reading fluency. She tested at a 42 wpm (words per min.) and the minimum they...


Another Education Question--reading

C.M. asks from Dallas

Hey Moms, What system is used to teach kids to read? "Back in my day" it was phonics. My dad said that he heard it may have been changed to Look-see or Look-Say...


Your Baby Can Read

M.B. asks from Detroit

Hello mamas, I'm wondering if any of you ladies have purchased the "Your Baby Can Read" kit off of the infomercial. I feel like it would work but I would love to ...


Tag Reading System

H.D. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any experience with the Tag Teading System? I am contemplating getting it for my 6 year old who is struggling with reading for Christmas. Is it worth...