Shots & Vaccines: Preschooler

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D.C. asks from Atlanta

Hey moms, am I the only one, or are there moms out there scared to immunize b/c of autism. I never use to think about the # of shots my children received as long as t...



K.A. asks from Corpus Christi

I have been debating the whole immunization for several months. I have read as much as I can but all I seem to find is either the vaccine manufacturers public relatio...



B.R. asks from Seattle

Hello, My son has his 2 month well baby visit next week and I am reading up on the immunizations controversies and have become very confused. I want to get my chi...



J.B. asks from Milwaukee

What do other mom think about vaccinations? Are they safe? What about the correlation with autism? Should you only get some and not all the vaccinations? What are...



J.K. asks from Cleveland

I was wondering if anyone had any opinions about immunizations and the possible links to neurological disorders, such as Autism, etc. Does anyone feel strongly, one ...



J.K. asks from Washington DC

Hello, I have a question about vaccinations and autism. I have a 9 month old son who is soon to receive his MMR shot. So far, he has received all his shots to date...



E.C. asks from Minneapolis

I am taking my girls in for thier 2 yr and 6 mo check ups next week. They are both due for shots. For about a year now I have been very uneasy about having them vac...



S.P. asks from Kansas City

I would like to hear from mothers that chose not to immunize their children. Why and where did you get information about immunizations? I chose not to immunize my s...



S.B. asks from Dallas

After reading everything in the news lately about autism, I am considering delaying some of my sons vaccinations. He is 8 months and perfectly healthy, and has had a...


More Vaccinations???

A.M. asks from Boston

My son is going for his 3 yr MD appt this week and the dr. told me they want to give him the prevnar 13 vaccine. He has all ready had the full 4 doses of prevnar 7, b...