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Any Advice on RSV- My 1 Year Old Has It

M.O. asks from San Francisco

Ok, so both my kids were sick last week, I took my daughter to the dr. (her normal dr. is on maternity leave) who said she had croup, she didnt get any better so I to...


11 Month Old Prescribed Pulmicort

L.C. asks from Athens

My 11 month son who wheezes from time to time had a recheck on his ear infection today. Well he was wheezing today and the doctor prescribed Pulmicort to use in his ...


4 Year Old Son with Allergies/asthma

T.S. asks from Phoenix

My 4 year old son was recently diagosed with allergies associated with asthma. He gets a persistant cough this time of year and in the fall. The cough sometimes caus...


Is It Asthma or Something Else?

T.M. asks from Detroit

Another question for you very helpful ladies. This is kind of long sorry. Well my 3.5 yr old daughter has had a cough for 3 weeks now. Here is some background info...


Asthma and Dairy

C.R. asks from Los Angeles

I recently found out that my 13 month old has asthma. My pediatrician gave me albuterol (steriod) and pulmicort for daily breating treatments (every 3 hours). I'm h...


Mysterious Respiratory Distress

C.R. asks from San Diego

My 7 yr old son was recently in the ER for breathing problems. They kept him in the hospital for 2 days & gave him albuterol & steroids until his oxygen levels were ...


Allergy Testing in Two Year Old

A.H. asks from Dayton

My daughter just turned two in March & has had what seems to be a chronic cold since she was about nine months old. She was in the hospital in October for three days...


Cold->Asthma->Nebulizer-> Beastly Son :-(

M.P. asks from Green Bay

For the past year or so, it has been our experience that every time our son gets a cold, he gets "reactive airway disease" symptoms, which our Allergy/Asthma dr. is n...



M.M. asks from Los Angeles

hi about a week and a half a go after i picked my daughter up from school, i noticed she was short of breath. we took her to the pediatrician severl times and ur...


4 Yr Old - Frequent Colds, Allergies, Nebulizer

S.K. asks from Punta Gorda

My 4 yr old daughter seems to get sick all the time. I know this is a common concern for parents with toddlers but I'm trying to determine whether this is normal, an...