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What Is the Most Accurate Pregnancy Test??

i am pretty sure i am pregnant but i dont know which test to buy. i was going to buy the first response but then i heard it gives FALSE positives! anyone had this happen to you? then i was going to buy the EPT but i heard that one has evaporation lines? then i also was reading on a website that sometimes tests wont pick up the HCG hormone cause your breastfeeding. what the heck? so i could be pregnant and test but it will say im not. that isnt a help at all! i cant get a blood test done either cause i have no medical. anyone know of a full...

Telling Employer

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Increase Milk Production?

Does anyone know of any bonafide advice for increasing my milk supply. I have a 10 wk. old daughter and I am going to be going back to work three days per week and I want to do everything possible to ensure that she gets to breastfeed for 6 solid months. I know that there are "tricks", certain foods, etc. for increasing milk supply but I can't seem to find any specifics. Has anyone every tried any that worked for them? Thanks. M.


COBRA Or Self-Insure

Hi! My husband, who is the sole income earner in the family, is currently in...