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Fertility questions/Insurance Coverage

H.M. asks from Los Angeles

My insurance doesn't cover infertility, even something as basic as blood work to test hormone levels. Does anyone know of a facility that is low cost for out-of-pock...


HPV Vaccine for Boys

C.C. asks from Denver

My doc suggested next year my SON receive the HPV vaccine at 11. I thought it was only for girls but doc said recommendations have changed. Do any of you wise mom...


RE: HPV And Cervical Cancer

C.A. asks from Atlanta

I have a question to anyone out there that has gone through what I would like to say pure hell for the past week. Back in October I went for my yearly pap smear as I ...


Advice for Potential Marriage w/STD (Genital Herpes)

L.R. asks from Austin

I'm asking for advice concerning my 19 1/2 y.o. son. He is very serious about a girl (she's 1 1/2 years older) and believes she is "the one". This is is first serio...


Thoughts on HPV Vaccine for Boys and Girls

A.J. asks from Williamsport

I saw the news story last night that the HPV vaccine has now been recommended for boys as of age 9 as well as girls. My kids are younger, and I'm sort of not in love...


HPV Vaccine for DD 13 Yrs Old….. What Did You Do?

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hello, I am trying to learn more about this HPV vaccine that is out there now for girls. My daughter is 13 and our pediatrician had asked if we were interested in ...


Do I Need a Hepatitis B Immunization?

J.B. asks from Springfield

I am preparing to get pregnant and wonder how important you think it is to get a Hepatitis B vaccination series before, during or after my pregnancy. It takes three m...


Welcoming All Thoughts on the HPV Vaccine

M.C. asks from Rochester

I am undecided about whether to let my daughter have this vaccine. She is 11 and both my pediatrician and my own Gynocologist say's i should let her have it. I'm co...


Trying to Conceive ..i Now Have a Burning Sensation ??

A.S. asks from Reading

we have been trying to conceive since august 25th. all day today I have a really strange never felt before "burning" sensation in my lower abd. I do understand its o...


Advice on Different Birth Control Methods

S.R. asks from Phoenix

I am currently pregnant with my second child and wondering what type of birth control to use after we have this baby since we want more children. I have had terrible ...