Sexual Identity

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Is She Bisexual?

K.T. asks from Wichita

My daughter is 13 and is unsure if she is bisexual or "straight", I am not against any of these but don't know how to help her in anyway! Does anyone know a way? She ...


My 16-Yr Old Announced She's Bisexual

B.D. asks from San Francisco

My daughter and I had a deep discussion yesterday, following an interrupted Mother's Day (due to ex-husband issues). Among other things, she "came out" to me that sh...


Transgender Child

J.M. asks from Barnstable

Hi All, I know this is sensitive. There is a transgender child that wants to start talking about it. Has your school dealt with this and how can it best be explained ...


Teenager "Trying Out Bisexual"?????

K.L. asks from Dallas

Hello Mamas I have been hit with a difficult task this morning. My brother called me this morning asking for my help. His wife was cleaning up their daughter room an...


Lesbian Couple

M.M. asks from Dallas

Morning!!! i hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I just had a quick question. My husband and I are friends with a lesbian couple that have a 4yr old son that play...


13 Year Old Lesbian Daughter

V.B. asks from Washington DC

My 13 year old daughter recently told me that she is a lesbian. I am overwhelmed and shocked. Never in our family it has happened. I hope and pray that it is only a p...


Faking Being Gay

J.W. asks from St. Louis

There was a question on here about a daughter saying she was dating another girl. I have no idea what is going on in that situation but it did make me think about so...


Seeking Gay And/or Lesbian Parents in My Area.

J.R. asks from Dallas

I am seeking Gay and/or Lesbian parents in the Garland/Dallas area to chat with and get to know. To discuss parenting issues, friends networking, etc...


Gay Pride

L.U. asks from Seattle

Hi moms. So, again my family is at my house, and again I hear something about how I take my children to gay pride parades. I grew up in an EXTREMELY right winged, b...


Transgender Question - I'm in a Pickle

S.S. asks from Atlanta

Backstory - my husband and I met and married in Southern California. He is from Georgia. We moved back here about 2 years ago after he retired from the military. It's...