Sex During Pregnancy

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Sex During Pregnancy!!

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

I've looked through other questions and could not find an answer for my specific concern and I am scared to google the answer lol. Pregnant with our fifth baby, hubb...


Sex During Pregnancy

H.S. asks from Kansas City

OK so my husband is always wanting to have sex. He can't keep his hands off me. But for some reason I am just never in the mood. And I feel terrible about it but some...


Sex Post-Pregnancy

J.S. asks from Missoula

My husband and I plan to have our baby in our room for the first bit after she is born for ease of care and because we're finishing remodeling a room right now that w...



T.M. asks from Williamsport

I have never gotten my period before and me and my fiance had been having unprotected sex but then I got put on a medicine that it said at may cause nausea. I took it...



P.M. asks from Harrisburg

So, I got my period in the middle of March. Lasted 6-7 days then went away, then my boyfriend and I had sex. About 3 days later, I ended up getting a bladder infectio...


Sex Drive During Pregnancy

C.C. asks from Dallas

Did anyone loose their sex drive during your pregnancy? I have none what so ever. I know my husband is getting worried, although he hasn't said anything about it. It'...


Sex During Third Trimester

S.S. asks from Cincinnati

This may sound like a weird question but here it goes... I am 30 weeks pregnant and during my entire pregnancy I really had no urge to have intercourse. All of a sudd...


Sex in Teen Age Boys

T.H. asks from Detroit

what age is normal for todays teenagers to be having sex? i am worried that my 14yr old son might be thinking of having sex sometime soon with his girlfriend cause sh...


Embarrassing Question About Sex

J.M. asks from Dallas

My husband freezes up during sex and is afraid of hurting me or the baby. I am 21 weeks and need some advice!!!!


Lack of a Sex Drive

M.S. asks from Kansas City

Hey ladies, I am 35 and pregnant with my third. For the last several yeras my sex drive has diminished in that I just don't feel horny so to speak or in the mood to h...