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Natural Remedies for Red, Itchy Rash

S.R. asks from Sacramento

My 21 month old boy has this large red rash on his bum/lower back. It started out small and didn't bother him and it was getting better but just this morning I got h...


Going Green/eating Organic - Need Advice

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

hello everyone! i was just curious to see if anyone had any advice on how to start going green, specifically detoxing the home. i don't know where to start! i do u...


SEVERE Diaper Rash!

G.L. asks from San Francisco

My 17 month old daughter never really had diaper rash until about month ago when she developed one. It has gotten worse and then better and then worse again and the p...



L.M. asks from Detroit

has anyone used the gdiaper? I saw them this a.m. on TV, they are good for the environment. You flush the inside, instead of dispose. They are a little more expensive...


Advice on Changing Diaper Brands Due to Plastic Sensitivity

L.M. asks from Seattle

Hi Moms, My 18 month old son has come down with red, raised spots in his diaper area. The spots really show up after his bath or swimming. However, it's not a ty...



R.K. asks from Boston

What type of detergent do you find works the best? I have been using the cascade complete packs for awhile and never had any problems until the last bag I bought mayb...


Diaper Rash?

C.S. asks from Jacksonville

I'm just wondering about any other mom's with diaper rash experience. I'm not asking about what creams to use, etc., but in dealing with diapers. My 2yr old has dev...


Diaper Rash with Cloth Diapers

H.H. asks from Philadelphia

I've been using cloth diapers for several months with no problems. I recently switched to seventh generation laundry detergent and I believe that my kids are allergic...


What Brand of Jeans Make You Look and Feel Beautiful?

J.G. asks from San Antonio

So I posted a question earlier today about my muffin top. After reading responses, I think it may be time for a new wardrobe (plus some exercise). I don't know where ...


Clothes Line Drying

S.K. asks from Detroit

For those of you who line dry your clothes/towels etc outside, I just started doing this this summer...I haven't found a way to get items to dry and NOT be all "crunc...