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Pilates & Yoga During Pregnancy???

T.B. asks from Charlotte

Hey just wondering if anyone knew anything about Yoga & Pilates during pregnnancy. I just started both about a month ago @ my local gym Neither class is prenatel & th...


Seeking Advice on Massage and Accupuncture While Going Through IVF

K.R. asks from Chicago

I am about to start my next IVF cycle. This will be my third, and I am trying to do things a little differently. I want to relax, and not be so busy this time aroun...


Yoga & Accupuncture to Help Get Pregnant????

A.H. asks from Rockford

I have heard that yoga and accupuncture can help a woman get pregnant. Anyone have personal experience they can share about this?


Alternatives for Meds for Bad Back During pregnancy...accupuncture or Such?

S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh

I am only 12 weeks pregnant but my already existing back problems are getting progressively worse. I have a 25 lb toddler that I also cart around quite a bit. I expec...



R.Y. asks from Seattle

I took a pregnancy test a few days ago 1 day before i was supposed to start my period. It was on of the ones the slept out pregnant or not pregnant. It came out pregn...


Pregnancy Massage

K.F. asks from Dallas

Can anyone suggest a nice spa/massage therapy center for a good pregnancy massage? I want to get my friend a gift certificate for Christmas and maybe one for myself,...


Seeking a Photographer for Pregnancy Photos

S.S. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know of a photographer that does pregnancy photos? I am looking to have photos done in my last month of pregnancy. Have you done this? Were you hap...


Pilates DVD Recommendations

K.A. asks from San Diego

Got a question for everyone here. I am going to be taking up pilates as recommended by my midwife. TMI reason....after having 2 children, both of which I ended up wit...


Exercise in Pregnancy

L.R. asks from Boston

Hi all: I have a question for all of you active moms out there. Currently, I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant. This is my second pregnancy and most of the morning sick...