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My 14 Year Old Daughter Has a 16 Year Old Boyfriend.

I have a very mature and responsible freshman daughter who has been "dating" a 16 1/2 year old junior. She sees him at school and talks to him on the phone. I have let her go to the mall on a weekend afternoon with him and he has been over the house 1 time. I have talked to her about sex and feelings and everything in between. So far she is showing me that I can trust her. Is it wrong to let her hang out with him at the mall, see a movie or just have him come over for a few hours (supervised)? I feel as though I am keeping my eyes...

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17 Year Old's Hair

My 17, 18 in October, year old walked in. I had one of the biggest fights with her! She jsut casually came through, and she has shaved her long hair on one side, like a mohawk laying down! I am so mad I could spit! On top of that, I found out her ears are stretched. To an inch! I dont even know how I never saw it! I am not her mother, but I feel she should respect me! (Her mother passed when she was 11, I'm her grandmother) I know her ears are passed healing, and I am not paying to have them fixed! She has always been in the whole...