Self Feeding & Finger Foods: Toddler, Maalox

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Help with 4 Month Old Feeding Issues

L.B. asks from Kansas City

Hey mamas! I need some major help here. I have a four month old baby that, not be mean, has been a MAJOR challenge since she was born. I have a 2 year old also so ...


Need Advice on "Fussy" Feeding...

C.S. asks from Jacksonville

I have a 3 weeks old son. Lately he has been extremly fussy during feedings. I am breastfeeding him. I know I am producing enough milk. I pumped today and bottle ...


Newborns and Feeding Schedule

A.F. asks from New York

My daughter is seven weeks coming up and I am trying to figure out how to put her on a feeding schedule. She is formula-fed and has a milk-protein allergy so she is o...


In and Out of the Hospital with 13 Month Old

S.L. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 13 month old son who has had lots of problems with asthma. The first time he was hospitalized for it he was only 7 weeks old and it has been an on going batt...


Seeking Some Advice About How Much Formula I Should Be Feeding My Five Month Old

C.Z. asks from Harrisburg

I am having an issue with getting my five month old to eat her bottles. She was only eating about 20 oz, so i went to the doc's and asked them how much she should be...


Evening Feeding Out of Control......

J.B. asks from Orlando

So I am about to lose it...My daughter Emma is almost 2 months old, we have started maintaining a routine for a couple of weeks now. However she is about to drive me...


11 Month Old Has Had Diarrhea for Almost a Month

G.V. asks from Fort Collins

My son started getting diarrhea on November 13 (about) and has had it for almost a month. I called the doctor and the nurse said that there was a stomach bug going a...


Gassy 4 Month Old

B.W. asks from Salt Lake City

My baby girl is the gassiest baby I've ever seen! I am breastfeeding exclusively. I have tried simethecone gas drops, but they don't seem to do a thing. She is act...


8 Month Old Spit Up

M.S. asks from Wichita

Has anyone else had a baby with a milk allergy? This is totally based off of internet research (I know - totally not reliable all the time) but it's the weekend and I...


2-Month-old Spitting up a Lot

R.L. asks from Rochester

Hello -- I am the mother of a beautiful 2-month-old boy. He was born 3 weeks early, tiny, (4lb., 15 oz.) but very healthy. We have had to change his formula 5 times s...