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A.S. asks from Albany

I have a 5 month old.. I have some questions.. 1. We just started rice cereal on Tues, and she seemed to like it at first, but now really doesn't. Should I keep try...


Seeking Moms Who Breast Feed and Supplement Formula

E.W. asks from Tulsa

I am a new mom of a 6 week old little boy. I am breast feeding, and he eats one bottle of formula a day due to me not keeping up with his needs. My question is, is it...


Breast Feed Baby Who Won't Take a Bottle

R.L. asks from Cleveland

I have have a 4 month old daughter who has been breast feed. I am ready to wean her as we are starting solid foods (rice cereal so far). She will not take a bottle...


Bottle Feeding an Infant

S.M. asks from Buffalo

Does anyone have any suggestions about getting an infant to take a bottle? My husband and I have been working with our newborn (twelve weeks old) for about 8 weeks no...


How Much Breastmilk at Each Feeding?

M.R. asks from Cincinnati

I am feeding my almost two-week old son with breastmilk pumped into a bottle. I pump several times a day and am making plenty of milk (long long story as to why we'r...


Introducing Bottle Feeding

C.K. asks from San Francisco

Would like to know what is the best way to intro my 3 months old baby to bottle feeding & which bottle is the best out there.


Breast Feeding and Formula Feeding??

J.B. asks from San Francisco

Is it safe to both breast feed & formula feed a newborn baby??


Problems with Bottle Feeding!!

M.N. asks from Cleveland

My daughter is 5 months old and over the last couple months she has decided that she will NOT take a bottle from ANYONE! I can't even give her a bottle. She is gettin...


Pumping Storage and Feeding

T.H. asks from Chicago

I am expecting my first baby in April and am planning on pumpming using the Medela Pump in Style Advnaced. I was wondering how to easily store the breastmilk? Do I ...


Is It Possible to Breast Feed and Pump at the Same Time Without Frustration?

T.H. asks from Killeen

My baby is 4 weeks old on the 9th and I need to get him use to a bottle, but I don't want to stop breast feeding him while I still can. I have to go back to work in 2...