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Avent Nipple Progression for Age

R.S. asks from Sacramento

Hey ladies quick question for you. I use the Avent bottle and have had no problems with it. I began with the newborn size 1 nipple and have since replaced it with...


Seeking Advice on Bottles -Stick with Avent???

J.N. asks from Davenport

I'm concerned with all news about the polycarbonate in baby bottles. I'm using the Avent bottles and nipples. Their bottles are #7, which is the one to avoid, even th...


Would You Use Avent Bottles Knowing They Contain BPA?

S.C. asks from Green Bay

I have some Avent bottles from 2005 that were used by my first daughter. She was breastfed, but I used the Avent bottles for frozen milk storage. She never drank out ...


Does Anyone Else Have Avent Bottles That Leak?

K.R. asks from San Diego

I frequently get formula leaking out from the screw-on neck of my Avent bottles. Does anyone else get this? I don't know if it's the bottle or the pressure built up...


To Bottle Feed or Not to Bottle Feed...

C.K. asks from New York

I am exclusively breast feeding & I must admit, I quite enjoy that time with my little girl but I keep hearing that I should give her breast milk in a bottle otherwis...


Bottle Feeding/ Breast Feeding

J.J. asks from Kansas City

I am intending on breast feeding my child primarily, however when i return to work i'm going to have to pump. Do i have to use specific bottles for pumping or can i ...


Bottle Feeding

S.C. asks from Boston

I am currently trying to bottle feed my 6 month old daughter. I have been told when trying to feed her to not give in when she is crying, otherwise she will never lea...


Getting a Baby to Bottle Feed

S. asks from Atlanta

I have a 9-week old boy, and we are having a TOUGH time getting him to feed from the bottle. I am nursing full-time, but we try to feed breastmilk from a bottle once...


Bottle Feeding

K. asks from New York

My 11 week old daughter started full-time daycare 2 days ago. Prior to that she was exclusively breast fed (with a FEW exceptions of taking a bit of breast milk from ...


Bottle Feeding

S.M. asks from Omaha

I have been nursing my son since birth. I have been struggling with bottle feeding (my breast milk) with my son. I have never used formula, only breast milk. He is...