Self Esteem: The First Years

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Seeking Help with a 17 Year Old Live in Stepdaughter!

T.R. asks from Goldsboro

Hello, I am a 31 almost 32 year old step mom of a 17 year old stepdaugher. She is very angry and literally hates me. She has lived with her father always. Unfortunatl...


Not Sure What to Do...

K.J. asks from Pittsburgh

Ok I know Im gonna get some answer to this question I wont like but Im going to ask aways. Im 21 years old and have a full time job. The father of my child is not in ...


Help Me Put off My Housework by Answering a Philosophical Parenting Question ;-)

E.D. asks from Seattle

Good Evening! So here's the question: How much control do we as parents have over our children and our child's future. Do you think that by raising them in a p...


Husband Is Pushing Me Away....?

C.N. asks from Odessa

i love my husband more than anything, but it seems like he doesn't wanna be with me anymore. we have 2 kids together and 1 each from a previous relationship (my son l...


Toddler Becoming Independent

W.K. asks from Harrisburg

Good Morning! My son just turned two and now seems to push me away and only wants Dad. He was always a Mama's boy and never let me out of his sight..I am having trou...


Advice RE: My Boyfriend Disciplining My Daughter

V.B. asks from San Luis Obispo

No more imput necessary. Thank You, V. :0)


Dad Has Left the Picture

C.C. asks from Dayton

I am a 27 year old first time mother. My daughter is 8 weeks old now. I had our daughter on March 7, 2007. My husband left us when our daughter was just 4 weeks old. ...


Do I Allow the Bio Father Access to My Daughter?

S.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 11 years old. I was 18 and stupid when I got pregnant. Her biological father was abusive to me, into drugs, etc. We lived together. I left him when she...


Husband/wife Arguments in Public

K.M. asks from Seattle

Hi Mamas. I have a situation that is not directly related to kids that I could use some input about. My husband and I have been married for nearly 4 years. He is m...


Sensitive Son

S.M. asks from Dallas

I would like to know from other moms who have dealt with a son who has not ever connected with his father, how do you teach your son to be strong and resilient and no...