Self Esteem: Teen

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K.D. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi everyone - this is my first time asking a question. I am really in need of some advice. My 3 year son who we adopted is not circumcised and I am considering havi...


Is Medication the Right Choice for My Son with ADD?

C.S. asks from Milwaukee

Hello, all! My 9 year-old son has recently been diagnosed with ADD, and I am under a lot of pressure to medicate him. He is an incredibly sweet, creative, and lovin...


14 Yr Old Step Daughter Upset with Her Birth Mother

A.B. asks from Charlotte

My 14 yr old step daughter talked to her mother last night. She has not seen her in about a year now. She let her mother have it over the phone. She is very upset wit...


Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

T.K. asks from Dallas

Is your child a scout? I'm considering it and wondering about the cost vs value. My ex was an Eagle scout and Kwahadi Indian dancer. He was very involved and it wa...


Six Year Old Son Wondering If He Is ADD

S.S. asks from Dallas

Hello Ladies, Can someone please help or at least guide me in the right direction. My son will be turning seven in about nine days. He will be going to the second g...


Father/ Daughter Relationships

K.F. asks from Cincinnati

Hi I am a 39 year old divorced mom of a 13 year old. My ex has never really bonded well with my daughter. He refused to change a diaper, give a bath ,feed her, read...


Looking for Constructive Ways to Help Overweight Child...

C.C. asks from Salt Lake City

We are hosting one of the sweetest boys from Korea...I'm going to have to be a bit blunt about this and hope it is taken with the heart I am sharing. I was told he w...


Step Daughter Stealing

T.K. asks from Detroit

My 12-year old step daughter stole all my jewelry, make-up and clothing over a 3-month time period. Stupid me, I didn't discover it right away because she "smuggled"...


How Could I Behave Lovingly to My Teen?

S.R. asks from San Diego

I'm somewhat of a tough, practical Mom. Lately, I've been struggling to show kindness and love to my teen after disciplining. He is making all the wrong choices and I...


Need Help with 7 Year Olds Behavior and Husbands

T.M. asks from Los Angeles

I am desperate to help my seven year old daughter. she is having issues keeping friends at school. My daughter is a healthy average pretty girl blond hair, blue eyes,...