Self Esteem: Teen

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"Step-Mom" Help

A.Y. asks from San Francisco

I am a stepmom of a 17yr old girl. The family has been together for 5 years now and due to issues, I feel so much resentment towards her. She is failing 4 classes out...


My Son Is Being Bullied and I Don't Know What to Do?

E.G. asks from Harrisburg

My son is 11 and slightly bigger than most kids his age due to medication he takes. He has a very low self esteem because of this. We have him on a diet per the dr. a...


Acne Medications?

M.F. asks from Chicago

I'm 27 years old and have been struggling with acne since late high school. I've gone to see dermatologists in the past but all they've given me were creams that see...


"Normal" Tween Girl Behavior?

A.T. asks from Lewiston

I really need some help. My boyfriend of 2 years cannot seem to get along with my daughter. He never says anything to her but behind closed doors or on the phone he g...


Help My Almost 16 Year Old and I Get Along

C.W. asks from Buffalo

I am having problems with my daughter. She and I can not get along. What ever I say is wrong. She doesn't stay long or just stops listening to me. I would love to hav...


Daughter in "Hairy" Situation

B.Z. asks from Burlington

Hi Everyone, I have a daughter that will soon be 8YO and she's very concerned about the amount of hair that she has on her body. She has very long, dark hair on h...


5-Year-old Girl and Gender Identity-- WWYD?

N.G. asks from Dallas

My 5-year-old daughter has always been the extreme tomboy. She refuses to wear dresses, she only wants to play with 'boyish' toys, she won't buy shoes in the girls' ...


L Had to Send My 15 Year Old to Live with Hes Dad, Did L Do the Wrong Decision?

G.R. asks from Boca Raton

Hello everyone, l have been trying for more then a year to get my teen help,theraphy,boyfriend out of the house, trying to spend time with him,outpatient drug rehab a...


Should I Tell My Husband About Our Daughter's Sexual Activity

M.D. asks from Indianapolis

What should I do at the risk of having someone mad at me or not speak to me? We have a 16 year old daughter who has been on the Honor Roll at school all her life exc...


Husband Is Sometimes Mean to My Son!!!!

K.M. asks from Lafayette

Hi, I have a 7 yr old son (from a previous relationship) and a toddler with my husband. Sometimes my husband is really mean to my 7 yr old. He talks to him in a real...