Self Esteem: Preschooler

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Teaching Self-esteem

V.B. asks from Janesville-Beloit

We had a parent-teacher conference with my 4 year old's preschool teacher the other day, and one of the things she told us is he needs to work on self-esteem. Here's...


Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Girls

L.Z. asks from Boston

I may be overanalyzing this based on my own past, but I wanted to hear from other moms of little girls out there to find out if I am handling my 4-year old and her re...


4 Year Old's Self Esteem

M.B. asks from Lafayette

My daughter is a very smart, funny, beautiful girl. She knows what she wants & is very organized. Of course, some of these things can cause some conflicts at such a...


Too Much Self Esteem??

C.M. asks from San Antonio

I am a little confused with my young son's behavior. I grew up in a very abusive home and was put down for everything, even for making straight a's. So I have alway...



M.P. asks from Denver

Hey, ladies. You are always my resource when I need help, so here I am once again. This has to do with my twin boys who are five years old and finishing their first...


Preschool Good for Our 3 Year-old?

M.S. asks from San Francisco

Our daughter just turned 3 years of age. She's been in a part-time preschool (~2.5 hours three times a week), since last November. Of all the preschools we looked at,...


Having a Hard Time Trying to Teach My 4 Year Old!!!!

E.B. asks from Las Vegas

Hello wonderful moms! I need your help. My 4 year old is having a hard time focusing. Since I'm a SAHM and we don't really have the funds to send him to a preschool, ...


Self Regulation Skills/impulsiveness/teaching Self Control

P.L. asks from Washington DC

Hi moms, Just had a parent/teacher conference and was told told I need to help my daughter manage her impulsive actions and self regulation skills and to help her re...


My 4 Year Old Son Tells Me His Pre-school Teacher Is Calling Him a Bad Boy

L.E. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, We just moved here and I started my 4 year old at a new pre-school. Last wednesday he told me that his teacher called him a bad boy. Yesterday he didn'...


4 Year Old Daughter Has Been Saying She Is 'Scared' of Everything. Any Ideas?

J.S. asks from San Francisco

My 4 year old daughter continually says she is scared in several situations. Mostly, she says she doesn't want to go to sleep without me in her bed because she is sc...