Second Trimester

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Vomitting in the Second Trimester

M.B. asks from San Francisco

I can't hold anything in my stomach since the last 3 days. MY first pregnancy i wasn't even nauseating, with this i was a little in the first trimester but never vomi...


Coloring Hair During Your 2Nd Trimester??

M.P. asks from Dallas

I am about 13 weeks pregnant and really need to color my hair.... does anyone know if it is o.k. to color during your 2nd trimester? I plan on asking my dr. at my ap...


Nausea in the Second Trimester?

K.G. asks from Las Vegas

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I am now 23 weeks along. The past couple of weeks I keep getting nauseated during mid day and it lasts until I go to sleep. I also am get...


Flying in 2Nd Trimester

C.S. asks from New York

Hi ladies. I may need to travel during my second trimester. My doctor said it was okay, just not during my 3rd trimester. Is it necessary? Yes. We are planning o...


Second Trimester Miscarriage

K.D. asks from Chicago

I recently lost my baby at 17 weeks. The reason for the miscarriage is not known. I am looking for a new doctor as I think it will be too difficult to go back to my...


Second Trimester Morning Sickness or Stress?

A.S. asks from Kansas City

I did really well through my first trimester with the morning sickness, I only threw up twice, and was queasy for about a month. Now I'm 20 weeks, and have thrown up...


Dying of Thirst in My 2Nd Trimester

J.N. asks from New York

I am in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy and I can't seem to drink enough. I am getting bored of plain water. Does anyone have any liquid suggestion that don't contain c...


Possible Diagnosis on 2 Second Trimester Losses

L.M. asks from San Francisco

I am a mother of three healthy kids. My pregnancies were completely normal. This year I have lost two pregnancies at 15 weeks. I went in for a normal OB appointment w...


2Nd Trimester and Low Thyroid

C.J. asks from Los Angeles

Hi there, I am 13 weeks, 2 days pregnant and just found out I have low Thyroid. My thyroid level is 7.31. I have felt no more tired than normal, I haven't gained a...


Miscarriage in Second Trimester

M.A. asks from Chicago

Hello, I have recently I went to the hospital to be induced because my baby had not heartbeat at my 17 week appointment. From the measurements the doctor said the...