Second Grade

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Do I Have My Son Repeat First Grade Again or Move on to Second Grade

T.J. asks from Kansas City

My oldest son started first grade at different school this year. In December we moved back to where I am from. Cause my husband and I have four little boys under th...


2Nd Grader Doing 3Rd Grade Work

T.J. asks from Cincinnati

Hello, My sister has a child in the 2nd grade and he is doing well but the work that he is getting in his classes is too easy so the school placed him in some 3rd gr...


NEED HELP Retaining My Kid in the 2Nd Grade

C.K. asks from Los Angeles

My child is November born, and is now in 2nd grade(7.5 years old) youngest in class. We would like to hold him back and repeat 2nd grade. He was asked by the school t...


Second Grade Issues - Too Late?

L.M. asks from Cleveland

There are lots of issues here but my main quiestion is how long shoud i wait to hear a reply from my son's teacher??? I emailed her weds, today is friiday, there ar...


2Nd Grade Drama

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

So here is what my daughter told me today after school, from her perspective: At recess the kids were playing a chasing game in which the boys chased the girls aro...


Moving My Daughter from 1St to 2Nd Grade

M.T. asks from Dallas

I just wanted to get some feedback on my daughter who is now in the 1st grade starting her 3rd week. She was qualified for Gifted and Talented in Kindergarten and is...


1St / 2Nd Grade Combo Room?

J.C. asks from Anchorage

My son just started 2nd grade. He is a very smart boy, and is right in the middle as far as his levels in math and reading. He is a very well behaved boy and is a v...


Book to Read to Second Grade Class

S.N. asks from Chicago

I'm going to be the "mystery reader" for my son's second grade class. It's a secret who the parent reader is until you show up. My son was thrilled when I showed up...


Advice on Second Grade Son's Reading Development

R.J. asks from Chicago

My son is in second grade and hates to read.  He seems to lose his place easily and just makes things up as he is reading.  When we talk to him about it he says tha...


2Nd Grade Standards and Kids Being "Left Behind"

C.G. asks from San Francisco

My son is halfway through 2nd grade. I suspect he had a bad 1st grade experience, because well, while he was "advanced" last year, he is "behind" this year. I'm told ...