Second Grade

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2Nd Grade Homework

S.S. asks from Tampa

Hi. My son is in 2nd grade and we have lots of homework this year. Daily reading log, daily worksheets, studying for weekly spelling tests and doing projects. We w...


Skipping a Grade

K.B. asks from Kansas City

I am faced with the decision of letting my 7 year (1st Grade) old skip the 2nd grade. He was going to the 2nd grade for reading and math time, so he could continue to...


2Nd Grade Open House

B.S. asks from Denver

I went to my son's 2nd grade open house tonight. He's been in school for about a month and it was nice to finally meet the teacher. I'm feeling a bit bad about some...


3Rd Grade

R.S. asks from Utica

Hi , My son will be going to 3rd grade this year. It would be really great if someone could tell me what I need to teach him (or he should know) before starting th...


3Rd Grade and 4Th Grade

K.B. asks from Milwaukee

i live in wisconsin and my son is having issues in 3rd grade. i had a meeting today with his teacher and the principal and the principal informed me that it is the sc...


Skipping a Grade

S.B. asks from Cleveland

I have posted on here before about my son and the situation I was having with him and school, now some new developments have brought me back to get some more informat...


Siblings in the Same Grade?

A.L. asks from Portland

Hi Ladies, I have a 10 months old baby boy and there is a very strong chance that I'm pregnant with my second. I just realized that if I really am pregnant, and beca...


Fancy Nancy - 2Nd Grade?

J.S. asks from Cleveland

Me again... We have the opportunity to have the Author of the Fancy Nancy Books visit our second grade school. A few of the people on our PTO board feel that the s...


Repeating a Grade

G.A. asks from San Francisco

We need to tell our son that he will be repeating Kindergarten this fall. He will do this at the same school, with his sister is is going into third grade and his oth...


Being the Youngest in the Grade

S.L. asks from New York

both my older children were the youngest in their grade levels. My daughter was an excellent student but complained throughout her life about being the youngest. My...