Second Grade: The First Years

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2Nd Grader Doing 3Rd Grade Work

T.J. asks from Cincinnati

Hello, My sister has a child in the 2nd grade and he is doing well but the work that he is getting in his classes is too easy so the school placed him in some 3rd gr...


What to Do About My Daughter's 2Nd Grade Teacher....

L.A. asks from Chattanooga

We have had 6 days of school so far. My daughter has a teacher whom I met at the open house and first day of school & she seemed nice. Every day since school has sta...


1St Grade Homework

C.S. asks from Chicago

Hi- My son just started first grade and is getting a lot of homework. I just wanted to check with others to see if it is just us or if the teacher is being unreali...


Eight Year Old Needing to Repeat 2Nd Grade

J.S. asks from Madison

I was told that because of my son not being able to concentrate in school and not learning well because of ADD and now recently been put on medication that he needs t...


Anyone Have Experience with Having a Child Repeat 1St Grade?

M.G. asks from Fort Collins

My son has an August birthday and just barely made the cut-off to enter kindergarten last year. He seemed ready so we sent him, knowing he was going to be the younges...


Retention for Reading in First Grade; Was This a Bad Thing?

K.B. asks from Dallas

We are in Texas in a pretty strict school. My son needed to on a level I this year in order to pass on to second grade. A little background information; He struggle...


1St Grade Teacher Misspells My Child's Name.

B.D. asks from Miami

hello, three months into a school year 1st grade teacher misspells my child's name. its a traditional name and spell check corrector picks it up exactly as we spell i...


First Years Compass Booster Seat

D.H. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a first years compass b540 booster carseat . They have them everywhere for sale online but I want to see it before I buy it. I have called Target, Wa...


Should I Hold Her Back in Kinder or Move Her up to First Grade?

H.M. asks from Dallas

Okay, I have seen a lot of posts on here about skipping a grade or holding a child back....but, here is our story. Any and all advice is appreciated. My Daughter...


Seperating Twins in School- One Grade Higher than the Other

C.P. asks from Denver

I have twin 4 yr olds- B/G...also a daughter 6 yrs old. My girl twin is VERY smart..she can read most of what her big sister- 2 yrs her elder reads in her Kindergarte...