Second Grade: Da Vinci

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Backward Letters

L.J. asks from Detroit

My grandaughter is now in 3rd grade and is still writting her letters backwards. she is a very high accademic student and a great speller. She has been doing this a...


Homework Help!!

N.D. asks from Reno

I have a ten year old daughter who is bipolar and ADD, she is very smart! I have been told this by ALL her teachers =} Her test are way above average, and she has rec...


The School Says My 6 Yr Old Has A.D.D. Not the Hyperactivity Type

S.C. asks from Daytona Beach

Hi my son just turned siz at the end of August and started first grade at the same time. He struggled thru kindergarten and then we found out he needed his tonsils, ...


Hysterectomy Advice

J.M. asks from State College

on monday i am having a laperscoptly assisted vaginal hysterectomy and i am wondering if anyone else has had one of these and what the recovery time will be. i am kee...


Why 5Yr Old Can Remember Everything but What the Letters Are

C.H. asks from Baton Rouge

in school they give a phrase and a picture with each letter of ABC, she can remember the phrase, but cant remember the letter, how is that possible she can recall a w...


Writing Backwards

A.B. asks from Phoenix

My daughter who is 4 and in preschool writes backwards; her name, anything she asks me to spell for her she writes it backwards. Is this something I should be concer...


Help Finding Books to Read.

K.D. asks from Chicago

I am a stay at home mom that is trying to start reading more books now. I usually read at night and im wanting to know if there are other moms out there that read alo...


Adhd/ADD Help

Z.P. asks from Los Angeles

Does anyone have a child with Adhd/ADD that has done Neurotherapy? Would love some feedback/info.



M.F. asks from Kansas City

my son is referred to as 'special needs' in school, as he has a learning disability to go along with some ADD. now other than that he is perfectly "normal" (as normal...


Intake of Omega 3 Supplements for Children

V.R. asks from Las Vegas

HI MAMAS, Just wanted your input about taking Omega 3 supplements for children.I was reading up on this and it looks and sounds like there should not be any worng fin...