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Seeking People Allergic to Soy

S.C. asks from Tampa

OK, I know this is strange, but my son and I found out we are both allergic to soy and the main bummer for me is no SOY SAUCE. Chineese food was a big favorite in ou...


Dairy Allergy?

M.R. asks from Kansas City

About 4 weeks into breastfeeding my daughter she began projectile vomitting after every feeding. She also would have a very distinctive high pitched cry. She also d...


Allergic or Intolerance to Vitamins

C.D. asks from Dallas

First off thanks moms for the advice on the diet pills. Now my next question, I started taking women's vitamins every morning, with at least a full glass of water an...


Dairy Allergy???

L.T. asks from New York

Ok I asked about my son the other day, who has been waking up every hour or so at night, and lately has been screaming for no apparent reason. A couple people suggest...


Allergic Reaction Rash

A.D. asks from Detroit

Please help! My daughter has had a rash on her thighs near her underwear line. It's little red bumps all over where her underwear touches. I tool her to the dr and sh...


When Can My Baby Eat Fish?

C.P. asks from Houston

I have a 12 month old, and we are feeding her what we eat now. We eat fish (orange roughy) about once a week, but I was wondering if it was ok to feed it to our litt...


Allergy to Red Dye #40

M.J. asks from Columbia

My 19 month old is allergic to red dye #40, we found out by giving her red tylenol when she was an infant, and I am looking to see if anyone else has a similar allerg...


Allergic Reaction?

A.S. asks from Dallas

So my daughter, who is almost four, climbed out of the shower and when I toweled her off she was complaining that her legs were burning. She was only in the shower a...


Looking for Advice for Possible Allergic Reaction

E.C. asks from Kansas City

My 7yr old has sensitive skin. Last month he broke out with a rash. Some of them blistered, while others kind of streaked. He had them on his fingers, back of neck,...


Anyone Else Allergic to Honeydew Melon?

M.R. asks from Seattle

I have finally accepted the fact that I am allergic to honeydew melon. I love melon. However I started asking people if they had put pepper on the melon, or does ...