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High Chair Suggestions

P.P. asks from Chicago

We had a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders high chair for my first son and it's a great high chair. We're using it again with my younger son (in a new home) and we've now g...


Carpet Burn on Crawling Infant

H.C. asks from Oklahoma City

My precious baby girl is starting to crawl and her poor little knees are always red and irritated. Is there something I can put on her to help ease the inflammation o...



K.J. asks from San Diego

my 6 month old has been sleeping through the night in her Arms rest cocoon, in a swaddle, in our room, for months. we moved her into her crib, in her room, bc she is ...


Bath Tub Safety

S.C. asks from Chicago

Ok my son has figured out how to turn the knobs on the bath tub on what can I buy to cover these up, I know there has to be something out there. Our bath tub is sepe...


Can You See My Question?

C.H. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Everyone, I asked a question last week and it seems to be the only question that didn't get any responses. =( I was hoping that someone would be able to offer enc...



L.R. asks from Reading

is it ok that my 8 month old isnt crawling yet while other kids his age are ripping around their house and standing up on items?



M.R. asks from Boston

My 7 1/2 baby still doesn't sits down by himself.... my first one, now 3 1/2 years old did it when he was 6 months. I know all children are different and every one de...


Glide Bike Any Gook

K.P. asks from Phoenix

I am currently thinking of getting my son a glide bike for Christmas. It is one of the bikes with no pedals that they push with their feet to get going & then glide ...


When Is PT Started?

N.D. asks from Chicago

Unlike all of you moms out there, my 15 mos old little girl doesn't want to walk. She crawls very fast and crawls upstairs all the time. She can cruise and push her p...


She Is Becoming Mobile

S.!. asks from Columbus

My 6 month old is starting the army crawl - which means actual crawling is not too far off. My question is what do I do with the basement door? We are up and down t...