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Negative First Grade Teacher

M.S. asks from Chicago

My son is in first grade and in a self contained LD class. Every day he brings home a journal that I am to write notes to teacher and the teacher writes notes about h...


Retain a Young 1St Grade?

M.D. asks from Tulsa

My daughter has a late August birthday and we had always planned on starting her later. We put her in preschool at 3 and since then we have just pushed her along with ...


8Th Grade English Class

S.K. asks from Pittsburgh

Thanks for clarifying that for me, Bobbi. I have problems sometimes making people understand what I am trying to say. I just get so frustrated with her! I was asking i...


2Nd Grade Drama

L.M. asks from Los Angeles

So here is what my daughter told me today after school, from her perspective: At recess the kids were playing a chasing game in which the boys chased the girls arou...


3Rd Grade Homework

K.M. asks from Phoenix

My son is in 3rd grade and will procrastinate his homework and drag it on, by dillydallying for 3 hours! I have to ask him over, and over and over. By the time he doe...


Mean Girls in 3Rd Grade

E.G. asks from Indianapolis

My daughter is in the 3rd grade and having a promblem with 3 particular little girls making fun of her weight, that she is already concerned with. I strive to make sur...


Picking Friends in 1St Grade

J.M. asks from Chicago

In my daughter's first grade class, there are two helpers per day. One of their privilidges is that they get to pick a friend to sit with them in a special chair duri...


2Nd Grade Homework

E.A. asks from Los Angeles

My son is in 2nd grade & has been giving me a hard time regarding homework time! He is just lazy & I dont know how to deal with this issue. His teacher gives him a pac...


8Th Grade Struggles - #Doingitwrong

T.V. asks from Sheboygan

DD is in 8th grade and has been having a rough few years of middle school. She doesn’t have many good friends, and seems to be coming up short in a lot of her extra...


Friendship Woes in 1St Grade!

K.S. asks from New York

My daughter is 6 and her BFF since Kindergarten were separated by classes this year in 1st grade. They still remained very close and had lunches together and played at...