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When Do They Give up Their Lovies??

V.M. asks from Cleveland

I was going to ask this question today even before i read the My Little Pony back pack post. My Ds went to a sleep over last month with his lovey bear, like a small...



S.J. asks from St. Louis

When you get hand me down clothes for your kids, who gives them to you? Do you ask, or does someone just offer? ETA: I am just curious - I hear a lot of moms on ...


Will She Ever Slow down Her Growth?

S.D. asks from Indianapolis

I have a 5 1/2month old that has always been at the top of the charts for weight and high for head and height. She is 23 1/2 pounds at 5 1/2 months, 27 inches. She ...


Name Brand Clothes

K.C. asks from Cleveland

This may be a dumb question and I am not trying to be mean (I am just being curious), but are name brand clothes that much better than off brand clothes for the money...


Need a Birthday Shirt

L.C. asks from Kansas City

Hey Moms, wondering if anyone knows where to find a "Birthday girl" shirt ASAP. My daughter turns 5 on Monday, and I want her to wear to it school. Thanks


Tunic Shirts (Almost as Long as Dresses) for Preschoolers?

E.T. asks from Albuquerque

Both of my girls have requested tunics and leggings as their main clothing options for school this coming year. They hate structured pants like jeans and love soft cl...


Big Brother and Big Sister Ideas

E.S. asks from Amarillo

I am a single mother of a 6 year old daughter and a year old son Im expecting another little girl in September. I am wanting to make it a very big special ordeal abo...


What's the Deal with Preschool Teachers Not Being Allowed to Apply Sunscreen?

J.B. asks from New York

My almost 4 year old's preschool teachers just sent home a note telling us to make sure to slather our kids with sunscreen in the morning when we drop them off becaus...


Infant Socks That Stay On

S.O. asks from Chicago

I cannot find any baby socks that stay on for my 6month old twins. I've tried countless brands and none have worked. Anyone know of a good brand?


PLEASE HELP Get 3 1/2 Year Old Girl Dressed!

J.D. asks from Huntsville

Hi- It is like pulling teeth to get my daughter (who will be 4 in December)dressed in the mornings. This all started with her saying that her shoes weren't comfortab...