School Tuition

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Do You Use a Phone App for Payments? LevelUp, Google Wallet, Etc.?

J.B. asks from Boston

Does anyone use LevelUp or other forms of payment besides cash and credit/debit cards? Where do you use these and do you find them to be convenient and secure? Any dr...


College Education and Tuition as Next 'Housing Bubble?'

R.D. asks from San Diego

I wanted to share this from Mark Cuban (millionaire and owner of Dallas mavericks). I thought it was very interesting and something I hadn't thought about before. Is ...


Private School in NJ

M.G. asks from New York

Good afternoon, Can anyone give me me an idea of what I am to expect from enrolling my 5yr old in Catholic School? There a lot more to it than I thought, seems. I...


Unfair Payments and Holidays

T.A. asks from New York

I work in a group family day care and my boss closes on days like veterans day, columbus day, the day before thanksgiving , thanksgiving itself and two weeks in chris...


Should I Let My Child Continue at Childcare After Payment Dispute?

J.F. asks from Greensboro

My childcare provider which is a friend of a friend's decides out of nowhere owed her a large sum of money. My child's father and I went to sit down to go over her re...


Need Help with Payments How Would I Get Help? Cheer

D.R. asks from Springfield

my daughter has been in tumbling and cheer for 4 years she loves it but we cant afford all the things need help


Tax Question.

C. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know if I can claim my child's private school tuition for the tax? It's the private elementary. Thanks.


Finance Issues/ Questions

L.D. asks from Phoenix

So my neighbor is crying to me for advice. So coming to u lady's. She saved $2000 for each of her children. But can't pay her bills. They are 11/14/17. She feels ...


Private or Publc School

E.O. asks from Tulsa

I am torn about schooling. I always said I wouldn't send my children to private school but in the last year I have been considering eating my words. What are your v...


Financial Aid for Private Elementary School.

R.F. asks from Dallas

Good morning. I am interested in signing my second grader up for private school next year but the cost in Texas is astronomical! Financially we make a decent living ...