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Family of 4 Able to Live on 40K/year Salary

C.B. asks from Phoenix

We struggle to live off my DH salary which is twice as much as these families make a year. This article discusses 2 families that live off of 40k/year and still save f...


Student loan...drowning in Debt :(

J.F. asks from Toledo

I graduated from a "cracker jack" college (realized that after the fact) in 2006. I obtained a legitimate degree, however soon realized that employees in my field are...


Ugh....going Back and Forth from Wanting One Child or Two....(long, Sorry)

R.D. asks from Wichita

Just looking for any advice/suggestions on my dilemma here. I know ultimately it is up to my husband and I. All my life, I have wanted two children. I don't really kno...


Help with Rent

J.J. asks from Orlando

myself and daughter and grandson just moved into this home 3 months ago my rent is 1300.00 dollers i had the capabilty to pay my rent then lost my job 3 weeks ago i m...


Another Registration and Supplies Question...

T.M. asks from Tampa

My daughter will be starting VPK next week. I posted before about being surprised at the amount of supplies requested for a State subsidized Program. I went out and ...


Are Preschool Prices Negotiable?

E.W. asks from New York

I went to look at a preschool for my son the other day. When I asked the prices, the woman told me. Then she asked me if that amount was ok. I found this kinda strange...



B.W. asks from Minneapolis

Can someone tell me what it costs to put a child in a Montessori school? I've googled in online but I really can't pinpoint a school or the tuitions. I live in St. P...


How Do I Go About Taking Out a Loan?

G.M. asks from Florence

i am finishing up grad school as a family nurse practitioner. i have not had to borrow money up until this last semester. i will not be able to work and do clinicals(3...


In Today's Times: Do You Save?

V.M. asks from Las Vegas

Hey moms, I am really curious how moms out there manage their budgets...what is a comfortable "leftover" amount after all bills are paid and money has been put away...


How Much Do You Contribute for College/savings??

L.M. asks from Springfield

How much if any do you contribute to your child's college and/or savings fund. I decided to become a SAHM about a year ago to raise our son and daughter which has been...