School Lunch: Toddler

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Children and School Lunch

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

Just wondering if your child packs his or her lunch for school, and if so, how old are they? I am wondering if this is a task that I can offload on to my own kiddos ...


School Hot Lunch Providers

K.G. asks from Chicago

Hello Ladies. Hot lunch is a hot topic in our school. I'm looking for recommendations for hot lunch providers. My daughter brings a lunch more often than not. We...


Eating Lunch at School with Your Child.

J.. asks from Detroit

TONS of my friends do this. My daughter would love for me to come up and eat lunch with her, which I will because she wants me to, but I feel like I would be invadin...


School Lunch Dessert First/Last

J.W. asks from Great Falls

I want to help revamp my schools lunch program but I have a question first. Would you be supportive of your childs' school implementing a rule that they have to eat ...


Healthy Lunch for School

D.J. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Ladies, I have a first grader who takes a lunch to school. I have packed his lunch this year since I have not checked out the school lunch. Im wondering if ther...


School Lunch Box Recommendations

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am going to send my little guy with lunch to school. He will leave the house around 7 am and will eat around noon. I am looking for a lunch box suggestion. Insul...


School Lunch Inspiration

J.H. asks from Richmond

Hi Everyone! I'll have two in school this year, and we have a rule in our house that you're only allowed to buy school lunch one day per week, and I let my kids pi...


School Lunch Issues

M.L. asks from Houston

I am so fed up with my son's school lunch program! We send him with homemade lunch a lot, but sometimes I just don't have time or not feeling well to make lunch (havi...


School Lunch Ideas?

R.W. asks from Jackson

It's only the third week of school and I'm already uninspired. We've done sandwhiches, Mac N Cheese, Ravioli, more sandwiches. I'm bored by lunch LOL Any ideas for...


School Lunch Ideas

B.S. asks from Boston

I am looking for suggestions for school lunches. My daughter is starting the third grade in September. Last year we got into the pb&j rut. A friend of mine and I a...