School Bus

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Child Left on Bus...

M.G. asks from Harrisburg

My kindergarten son fell asleep on the bus today and the bus driver did not notice he was still on when his shift was over. My son awoke to find himself alone on the...


Incident on the School Bus.

M.G. asks from Kansas City

I know a lot of you have had this happen with your kids, my older son had similar issues, but sometimes I'm just at a loss for what I should do. My son was punch...


Unreasonable Bus Driver?

A.C. asks from Allentown

I am having problems with our bus driver. I myself never rode a bus to school and this is my first child on the bus. My son is 5 and is on the bus for 1 hour. Gets...


School Bus Stop Problem/property Damage

M.H. asks from Seattle

Okay, so we just moved into our house this summer and little did we know the school bus stop is right in front of our house... The kids run around the cars in our dri...


Kindergarten - Bus Teasing... What to Do

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

My son rides the bus to and from school, even though we live very close. Next year, they'll let him walk, so this won't be an issue. I could walk him now, but it ma...


Kindergarten - First Day on Bus

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

Every time I think of putting her on the bus I want to start sobbing. (I, of course, have hidden this from her and act like everything will be fine). She keeps asking...


UPDATE Child Care Center and the School Bus

D.T. asks from Kansas City

I would like to know how other parents would handle this. I have a 5 year that started Kindergarten summer school. He has to ride the bus to school and home. He...


"Mean" Kid on Dd's Bus...what Do I Do?

J.E. asks from Erie

My DD is riding the bus for the first time this year (kindergarten). She is lucky enough to be riding the bus with a friend of hers who is in 3rd grade. There is this...


Late Bus Scare

M.O. asks from Minneapolis

Hello, My son is in first grade and rides the bus. He is usually dropped off at 4:15 PM. Yesterday I watched for him as usual. He didn't arrive at 4:15, at 4:20...


Would You Drive Instead of Bus?

J.P. asks from Pittsburgh

My son is starting kindergarten next week. I am sick with worry about every aspect of it, but acting so excited for my son. The neighbor told me her son had problems ...